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Computer Repairs and Rebuild Service

LIComputerfix, will Reformat & Reinstall Windows® on any computer on Long Island for only $99 Dollars per Computer!
Manhattan: $199 Dollars per computer
*Does not include the cost of any replacement parts or hardware.
*PC MUST have its own Valid Microsoft® Certificate of Authenticity.

Our Repair Service Includes:

  • Picking up your computer
  • Reformatting (Clean Install)
  • Reinstall Windows©
  • Install/Confirm all appropriate drivers are installed
  • Run ALL system updates on your PC
  • Install any software that is provided by you
  • Return the computer back to you and hook it up

This repair is for reformatting and reinstalling you version of Windows© only. User data must be saved prior to service by the user. We can also help you back up your data at a reduced cost when using our rebuild service.

When using our repair service we can assist you in backing up your files and data for a an additional fee. As long as your old hard drive is still functional, we will should be able to retrieve your lost data, and then back it up for you on your choice of either CD or DVD for archiving. These file are also copied back to your restored computer so so you can get right back to work.

Prices vary for data recovery based upon the amount. When using using our rebuild service recovery prices start at $50 an hour with a 1 hour minimum and we will cap it at $100 (100gig Max) Call for more details.

On the return of your computer, we can also assist you in hooking up all your devices and loading up your software for you at a additional price, however we take 50% OFF our hourly rate for standard service call. 1 hour minimum is applied. Long Island NY based Computer Repair Company that services both Nassau and Suffolk Counties New York 2013 Computer Repair Service for Long Island New York