Computer Rebuilds:
Does your computer or laptop run really slow and you need it restored?
Then a computer restore or rebuild, is a the most efficient way to maintain your computer, and keep it running at its most optimum speed. Reformatting removes the bloat and and makes your computer run lean and mean.

LIComputerfix will gladly to assist you in diagnosing what is causing your computers or laptops malfunction.

We have extensive training in all computer pc's and workstations, and we specialize in Laptops. We will determine what exactly needs to be done to remedy your problem, and restore your functionality as quickly as possible. If you or your company merely requires consultation for trouble shooting any problem that may currently exist in your home or company, then LIComputerfix is readily available to come remedy any situation that you may be experiencing.

There are many reasons to reformat your computer and it is an essential part of system maintenance. The longer a person runs on a faulty pc, the greater the risk of data loss, or possibly corrupting other computers on the same network.

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Key Benefits to Rebuilding:
Your Computers SPEED will be Optimized
Usually a computer operator will install and uninstall various software throughout a computer's lifetime. These constant readjustments will alter the computer's configuration. As a result, the way or the speed a computer boots up or starts will be indirectly affected. Then while the computer is running, these defects in the configuration will also inhibit the performance of your processor in general.

A Virus can be completely eradicated
from any computer by reformatting. Essentially you are wiping the hard drive clean and rewriting all your information using a fresh copy. No operating system virus can withstand reformatting.

Nonfunctional Programs can be restored
Over time programs may become faulty and inoperable for various reasons. To remedy program errors, removal and reinstallation will usually work, but not always. When a reinstall is unsuccessful, it is usually because there are problems with the configuration of the computer. Essentially this means your machine is no longer able to set itself up to run properly and will have difficulty using ANY software. Reformatting the computer will reset the configuration back to its original state. After reformatting, programs can be reinstalled successfully, thus eliminating your software problems.

Optimization of Disc Space
After your computer is reformatted it frees up your entire hard drive.

You want more hard drive space because:

1) You can store more data on your hard drive like pictures, music, etc...

2) You can install more if the software you actually use instead of what comes preloaded.

3) Your computers hard drive can have more free space that can be applied to its virtual memory which will increase the machine resources making it more reliable and stable.

Finally, it will make your computer operate
the way it did when you first bought it, FAST.....

In some instances we can even make your computer run faster by removing extraneous software. If you never run certain software that may have came with your machine, there is no reason to have it installed or for that matter reinstall it.

In most instances having too many programs on a computer will usually bog it down pulling too hard on the processor. This will free up processing and at the same time increase your drive space so you can put more software on that you want.

During a rebuild is also an opportune time to perform an upgrade. Since you are rebuilding, why not a larger amount RAM or a high end video card, which will make your machine even quicker then it was originally.

Other Services

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DriveSavers is the worldwide leader in data recovery services and provides the fastest, most secure and reliable data recovery service available. We employ over 75 professionals and support over 8,000 business partners.

Broken or defective hard drives need to go to a "Certified Lab"

A defective hard drives should only be brought to a certified lab or clean room, where it is dismantled by qualified professionals, and then your data is recovered using state of the art equipment.

Now partners with DriveSavers Data Recovery Labs. LIComputerfix can provide you with you discounts for any type of data recovery service you may need.

When you call DriveSavers toll free at
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Free Mounting Means:
If there is nothing retrieved there is NO CHARGE!

Most Labs will charge you an expensive "Bench Fee", just for attempting, even if no data is recovered. This charge is completely waived for all customers of LIComputerfix if you provide Drivesavers with our code which is: DS-17656. They can work with any type of MAC or PC, so call today for pricing.

In some occasions a household home insurance policies can cover the cost of this repair. It is considered a "Loss of Intellectual Property" and can sometimes be included on some umbrella policies various insurance companies have.

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Reformat and Rebuild Service:
LIComputerfix, will Reformat & Reinstall Windows®
on any computer on Long Island for
$150Dollars per Computer!
Manhattan: $250 Dollars per computer
*Does not include the cost of any replacement parts or hardware.
*PC MUST have its own Valid Microsoft® Certificate of Authenticity.

This repair is for reformatting and reinstalling you version of Windows© only. User data must be saved prior to service by the user. We can also help you do this at a additional cost.

When using our repair service we can assist you in backing up your files and data for a an additional fee. As long as your old hard drive is still functional, we will should be able to retrieve your lost data, and then back it up for you on your choice of either CD or DVD for archiving. These file are also copied back to your restored computer so so you can get right back to work.

Prices vary for data recovery based upon the amount. When using using our rebuild service recovery prices start at $50 an hour with a 1 hour minimum and we will cap it at $100 (100gig Max) Call for more details.


Recovery Partition Optional - If you like LIComputerfix will create a "Recovery Partition" on your hard drive. This will allow you to recover your system, and all your other programs, in one move using a single disk. If your computers operating system breaks down in the future, you will be able to clone back a clean version of your computer and not have to pay for future rebuilds. This is available for an addition $25 per computer


Emergency Onsite Repair Service:
Onsite Service $95 an hour

Long Island New York Only - 1 Hour Minimum
Emergency onsite repair service can also be provided for practically any computer crisis.

If your problem exists at your home or office, then we will come to you and be able to repair almost every computer issue that you can have. Onsite Service $95 an hour (1 hour minimum) We will work at your location to restore lost files, recover systems, and basically reconfigure and repair your home and office equipment so everything works properly. After all repairs are done we are fully trained in implementing backup programs so you and your company are not as much at risk. We like to know our clients can sleep at night knowing their files are safe.

*Onsite Emergency Services for Manhattan NYC is conducted at $150 an hour with a 2 Hour Minimum.


Computer Upgrade Service:
Onsite Service $95 an hour
Long Island New York Only - 1 Hour Minimum

When using our Basic Repair Service, it is an opportune time to replace or upgrade existing hardware within your computer. LIComputerfix does not charge a service fee for an internal upgrade on your computer, if you are using our Basic Rebuild Service, so feel free to replace any of your parts during your system restoration. Cost of hardware will also apply, but our upgrade installation service is FREE when you use our rebuild service.

*Onsite Upgrade Services for Manhattan NYC is conducted at $150 an hour with a 2 Hour Minimum.


Loaner PC Service:

When using any of our services, for an additional $50 dollars, we will set you up with a temporary computer so you can remain online, until your repair is done. You can use our computer from the moment your repair service begins until yours is fixed so you can remain online until yours is restored.


If you Live on Long Island New York and reside in Nassau, Suffolk, or Queens, then LIComputerfix is ready to help you with all your computer needs. From Virus Removal to Data Recovery, we can get you restored!



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