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Service Contracts
Have you noticed how difficult it is to receive top-notched computer consultation these days. Go ahead, use one of the many search engines to look for a top-notched, professional consultation service. You will find, as we did, that good computer consultation is hard to find.

Most companies are looking for a business that will address their needs in a caring, honest, professional manner. Most companies are looking for someone that can help them navigate the ever changing sea of computer technology.

You will find that outsourcing computer service and systems support with us has many advantages over having one of your staff assigned to the task, or hiring an employee to do the job.

We provide four types of outsourcing contracts. One or a combination of them can be provided.

One Time: There will be times when your company has a specific project and will need access to a computer or network technician. We would be delighted to provide you with a technician to complete your project.

Project Development: Broader in scope to the one time outsourcing, this service provides expertise in more involved projects such as: setting up a network, integrating a network server, providing user training, or the installation of a completely new system in a new location.

On-Going Support Services: As the name implies, we provide a support specialist on a regular basis to provide on-going support, training, personnel backup, network management, virus protection, security, computer maintenance, and disaster recovery.

Website Services: This service is directed towards customers wanting to enhance there presence on the world wide web. We have several packages to choose from.

Consulting Services

Onsite Technical Support :

With its expert knowledge, our tech team is always ready to offer support. We put ourselves in our customer's shoes, and as our customer, you will find our tech support customer friendly. We can troubleshoot your problems and provide you with continuous maintenance and monitoring.

WAN Support:
Efficient Wide Area Network (WAN) support becomes essential if you operate out of multiple locations in Houston, through out Texas, or nationally. Our engineers can assess your needs and give you the most cost effective option. We utilize low cost broadband connections and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) hardware VPN or economical software VPN. Come to us for WAN support and we will make it happen easily and securely.

Overall Support:
We offer fast on site service to get your network back up. We make this possible through our thorough knowledge of both hardware and software. We offer Microsoft support . We support most of the major hardware vendors and all the mainstream applications. All our engineers are certified and well versed with the advanced features of Microsoft Technology. With us, you can make the most out of Microsoft Windows Server 2000 & Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server support 2000 & Exchange Server 2003. We can also help you take advantage of the advanced features of Microsoft's Messaging System.

Turnkey Business Computing Solutions:
If you want to see your business grow, you need to use products and technology that really work. We know what they are and we keep updating ourselves, by the minute. To know the latest, just ask us. Our expert team can help you pick the solution that is right for you, saving you time and money. Long Island NY based Computer Repair Company that services both Nassau and Suffolk Counties New York 2013 Computer Repair Service for Long Island New York