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Networking and Security

LIComputerfix will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE for any networking project or installation.

Our wiring is highly professional and visible exposure is kept to the minimum. We also set up wireless networks in homes and offices and secure them from intrusion.

The advantages of networking are numerous. You can share internet connections, laptops, printers, hard drives, removable media like zip disks, roms, and virtually any device you can install on a computer. In a business scenario, you can incorporate file sharing and user logins for workstations and servers. We will provide you with a fixed cost and timetable before there is any obligation to you.

LICOMPUTERFIX.COM is a company which focuses on providing quality, high-end network infrastructure for both home and commercial purposes. We are trained in leading-edge technology and are available to work with virtually any network, anywhere, anytime.

LICOMPUTERFIX.COM networks your computers and printers together using a technology called Ethernet. This allows you to share a single internet connection with all your computers without having to spend extra money for another Internet Service Provider. This is especially great for cable modem and DSL customers. We also make it possible for you to share files, programs, and printers throughout your home or business.

Ethernet is a long-established networking standard, and ethernet equipment is cheap and easily available. Ethernet does require running new cabling to each computer you need to connect to the network. Some other alternatives are available which use carry signals using radio waves, power cables or phone lines within the home: Wireless Ethernet (WiFi), HomeRF, and HomePNA. We don't particularly recommend those standards for home networks - there are problems with security, coverage, different standards, cost and availability of equipment. A future guide will cover adding wireless Ethernet to complement an existing network. Currently we think a standard cabled ethernet network is the best solution for most people.

By connecting your machine to the residence hall network you have become a member of several communities. The residence hall network, the campus network, and the global network. As such you have a social responsibility (though one you can choose to not fullfill) to protect the groups well being. A good reason for an intruder to gain access to a res-hall machine is to use it as a launching platform to attack other machines. It is very common for network intruders to take control of sever machines like this and route their traffic through them in order to make a trace back more difficult.

To set up a home network you need to understand what function each piece of equipment performs so you can connect them together correctly. The jargon used can be confusing, but this glossary and diagram describes the key equipment and what it does.

Note that while these components are described and illustrated separately for clarity, in practice you can often buy one box which combines two or more functions (for example a router will often include a built-in switch too).

There are those who believe that the security issues facing home users are greatly exaggerated, and that the only entities which need to be concerned about desktop and network security are businesses which have critical data on their machines. And many think that only broadband users or folks with high-speed connections need to be concerned.

Truth is, the vast majority of computer systems, including corporate ones, are not compromised for the data they may contain. Rather, they are often compromised for practice purposes, such as storage space for warez, or to create remote zombies for large-scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against other networks. Compromised systems today are even being used to send SPAM.

Most systems are not necessarily compromised by a dedicated cracker trying a variety of remote commands until he/she successfully cracks the system password. Instead, most attacks today are performed using automated tools which attempt to exploit known vulnerabilities in various OSes and applications.

If you are experiencing computer problems and you are in need of repair, we can send you a computer technician to help you with troubleshooting your computer problem. We understand that new technology can be confusing, and if you require help installing the latest technologies onto your computer then we are your consultants. Long Island NY based Computer Repair Company that services both Nassau and Suffolk Counties New York 2013 Computer Repair Service for Long Island New York